Should i or shouldnt i try hookah?!

Question: Should i or shouldnt i try hookah!?
a lot of people my age (high school) all do hookah!. usually the drug kids!.!.but theres so many more getting into it!. like the "popular" football guys, jocks, yeah!. mainly guys i know do it!. not a lot of girls!.!.

of course a good friend of mine that does all that bad stuff and says hookah isnt bad if you dont do the tabacco type!. if you just do the flavored filter with water or whatever it's not really bad if i just try it once!.
i kinda want to, people say its fun and i just wanna try it!.
but im a little worried i dont wanna harm my body too terribly because im very against smoking!. all kinds!. so many people know it too!.!.!.

so what are your views or experiences of a hookah bar with friends !?Www@FoodAQ@Com

As with everything, if you're going to consume, please consume in moderation!. If you're a bit apprehensive then it's always safe to try short inhales until you get the hang of things!. From our experience, smoking the hookah can make one lightheaded, so don't try it on an empty stomach or a super hot day!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

I have a hookah pipe!. Smoking hookah is great fun with friends!. It's better for you than smoking cigarettes and it's more pleasant!. If you are old enough, I would suggest doing it because it's a good time!.

And BTW, Beer, Wine, and Spirits is probably the wrong place for this question!.

also to Br@sco's comment, you do inhale it into your lungs!. It makes you feel very light!.

And When I say better for you I actually mean, it isn't as bad as cigarette smoking!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

when you smoke a hookah you don't actually inhale the smoke into your lungs!. you only suck it into your mouth so that you can enjoy the flavour!.Www@FoodAQ@Com


I was never into the drug scene, but i loved hookah!. I got into it when I was in Australia and I hit it whenever I get the chance!. Its not a drug at all, unless someone has spiked it with weed!. As long as its all tobacco, it isn't a big deal at all!. In fact, i've read studies showing that hookah's have less negative affects than cigarettes prividing you do it in moderation!. I would encourage you to try it and experience something new!. You only live once, and this wont make you an addict on your first few hits!.


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