How many could we roll with this...?!

Question: How many could we roll with this!.!.!.!?
how many joints could we roll with 3gs!.
like, i know we could make them super packed and just roll three,
but we want it to last as long as possible but also get as ****** up as possible!.

ps!. theres three of us!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

A gram a joint is what I'd do!. A joint each would get you pretty high!. If you're not a heavy smoker or just started smoking then roll 6 half gram joints and give two to each person!. Smoke one now and then smoke the next one a couple hours from now!.

Don't listen to the blunt thing from Sweet Cupcakes!. 3g is not enough to roll into 3 blunts!. Maybe a blunt and a joint!. If it's under 2g it doesn't deserve to be in a blunt!. It's a waste of money also!.

It doesn't really matter how many joints you smoke anyway!. Just roll some up and smoke it until you're as high as you wanna be!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Why are ya'll still rolling joints!? Girl, roll two-three blunts and TOC till you choke!.
Dip it in syrup (purple stuff, lean!.!.!.look it up because I cant write the real word here)
Dip it in Hennesy!.!.!.trust me!.!.!.you'll be F'ed up!.

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