Can you tell me more about a Cristal decanter?!

Question: Can you tell me more about a Cristal decanter!?
I was given a decanter recently but I'm curious about it!. It has a gold round sticker on it that reads Cristal France!. It also states that it's genuine lead crystal and some other stuff in two different languages that I believe says it's guaranteed 24% or more of something!. Any info!?Www@FoodAQ@Com



Lead crystal (also called crystal) is lead glass that has been hand- or machine-cut with facets!. Lead oxide added to the molten glass gives lead crystal a much higher index of refraction than normal glass, and consequently much greater "sparkle" by increasing specular reflection and the range of angles of total internal reflection!. Ordinary glass has a refractive index of n=1!.5, whereas the addition of lead produces a range up to 1!.7!.[1] This heightened RI also raises the correlating index of dispersion, which measures the degree to which a medium separates light into its component spectra, as in a prism!. The presence of lead also makes the glass softer and easier to cut!. Crystal can consist of up to 35% lead, at which point it has the most sparkle!. The higher lead content also makes it much more difficult to form crystal during manufacturing!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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