A few calorie questions( 10 points)??? ?!

Question: A few calorie questions( 10 points)!?!?!? !?
1!. is this too much artificial sweetener for a day and will it prevent weigh loss
two muller light low fat yogurts
one diet coke
and quite a bit of sugar free gum

2!. how many calories do you think are in these!?

they are made from 95% chickpeas and 5% oil !. and spices
the thing is they say that per 100g there is 252 cals but i wold have thought there was more, seeing that per 100 g of uncooked chickpeas has 700 cals and 100 ml of oil has 800!.

its so confusing
shall i trust the packet!?

3!. can antibiotics make you gain weight!?

thanks and i will chose best answer for the person who answers it best lol!

Don't be so worried, girl!. Just eat little, several times a day, and DON'T drink artificial sweeteners!. They will only make you crave carbs much more!. I'm serious, brown sugar will do you much better (small quantities)!. One thing that will help you lose weight is: a tbspoon of honey, mixed with a teaspoon of powder cinammon in a cup of hot water!. Drink this twice a day, 30 min before breakfast and before sleep!. It's an old recipe from East that will keep you from getting numerous diseases!. Good luck!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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