How could a straw help people?!

Question: How could a straw help people!?
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i tie straws in knots and then toss them to my cats for toys!. it helps me save money on cat toys!.

if you had an important decision to make, you could cut the straw in pieces and "draw straws" (short straw has to go tell dad we wrecked the car)

maybe it would work as a scope to watch for ships coming near a an island where people are marooned!?

you can use it as an eye-dropper for all kinds of purposes (rationing water, getting a bug out of your coffee, adding drops of arsenic into a bad guy's drink)

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a straw!? im confused!.!.!. ummm!.!.!. it helps when you have ice in your drink and you don't want the ice to hit your teeth and make them cold!.!.!. and if you were hiding in some water you could use a straw to breath out of!.!.!.

lol!.!.!. thats all i got, Hope i helped!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

need a tube if performing emergence tracheotomy
drinking water you just cant reach
trapped few inches under water to breath
self defence stab them in eye

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