Help! how do you brew alcohol at home very easily?!

Question: Help! how do you brew alcohol at home very easily!?
I don't have any equipment, like a brewing kit or a still and i don't want to make one either!.!. but I was wondering how you can make your own alcohol over the stove!? I know its possible, but I'm looking for step-by-step directions on how to do so and the materials needed!.!.!.!. Thanks!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Honey is very easy to brew!.

2-3lbs of honey/gal of water
1-2 tea bags
1-2 tablespoons of yeast (wine yeast is good but bread yeast works just fine too)
container to heat and a container with an air lock but you can get by with a cap that isn't screwed on tight (you want gas to get out but keep air and insects out

Heat the water, tea bags and the honey til steaming and then let cool to 100F or lower, mix in yeast!. Use a mixer to aerate the mixture and pour it into your container with the air lock or cap!.

Let it set for a few weeks or longer!. at this point it is drinkable

Pour it into a 2 liter pop bottle (clean of course) and let it set another week!. Now it will have some carbonation too!.

use 1/2 honey 1/2 sugar if you want to make it even cheaper!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Home distillation is illegal (as well as dangerous) in the USA!. Beer requires a stove but I suggest you start with wine (easier and less likely to go bad)!. a few wines require a stove too!. Get a copy of First Steps in Winemaking, by Berry!. That will figuratively hold your hand through the process!. I especially like the potato wine!. Eventually, you can get Papazian's book New Complete Guide to Home Brewing and move on to beer!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

if you tryin to get ******* up, get youz sum robitussin and mix it up wit sum grape soda and have youz a happy thanksgivingWww@FoodAQ@Com

we will teach you how to brew all kinds of alcoholic beverages!
Build a range of stills
Use your still to brew basic vodka
Filter your brew
Advanced techniques for brewing
Whiskey & Bourbon
Many Liqueurs
Wines & Ciders
International and Unusual Brews

We have written and compiled this collection of documents specifically to teach ANYONE how to make alcoholic beverages at home!.

Our books are Easy to Follow, Easy to Understand and Written in Plain English!. The required materials and ingredients are easy to find and can be purchased at many hardware stores and supermarkets!.

Here is a list of some of the books included in our collection:

How to build 3 Different Homemade Stills
Complete directions on how to build 3 different types of alcohol stills, each in an easy to read step-by-step method!. This guide leads you from start to finish, with no previous distilling experience necessary!. The three different designs are provided so you can build the best still for your intended use!.

Brewing Homemade Alcohol
You've built your still and its ready to go! A quiet read through this book and a quick trip down to your local supermarket is all it will take before you can start the process of brewing every popular spirit today! This book is easy to follow and written in plain english!. In as little as 3 days you can be drinking your first brew!

Brew International Beverages - 23 authentic and very special recipes including:

1!. Hong Ju (Red Booze)
2!. Hah Hyahng Ju (Fragrance-loaded Booze)
3!. Jinyahng Ju (Jinyang probably refers to a location)
4!. Yoolmoo Ju (Adlay Booze)
5!. Oksoosoo Sool (Corn Booze)
6!. Omegi Sool (Millet Booze)
7!. Ung-gung-kwi Dansool (Thistle Sweet Drink)
8!. Ahndong Soju (Ahndong Liquor)
9!. Ssal Sool (Rice Booze)
10!. Shinsun Ju (The Immortals’ Booze)
11!. Songsoon Ju (Pine-shoot Booze)
12!. Sogok Ju (Little Grain Booze)
13!. SunSahn Yakju (Sunsahn Medicinal Booze)
14!. Samhae Ju (Three-hog Booze)
15!. Bae Sool (Pear Booze)
16!. Huanggum Ju (Golden Booze)
17!. Doo-gyun Ju (Azalea Booze)
18!. Insahm Dong-dong Ju (Ginseng Rice-floating Booze)
19!. Dong-dong Ju (Rice-floating Booze)
20!. Daechoo Sool (Jujube Booze)
21!. Kyodong Bupju (Buddhists’ Booze)
22!. Kwaha Ju
23!. Mahua Moonshine

These extremely hard to find recipes are comprehensively covered in this revealing brewing guide!.

Complete Handbook of Wine and Cider Recipes
This book introduces you to the different styles of cider-including draft, farmhouse, French, New England, and sparkling, as well as apple wine, applejack, and cider vinegar-and gives complete instructions on how to make them at home with a minimum of time and equipment!.

Alongside the many cider recipes are a huge array of wine recipes!. Many experimental wines are included for which to personalise as ones own!.

The Bible of World Beers
This book contains a mind-boggling array of recipes collected from brewmasters around the world!. It would take a lifetime to brew them all!. For each beer type -- from India Pale Ale to the heaviest German bock, from fruit- and spice-flavored beers and Christmas beers to the blackest chocolate stout -- endless variations and professional advice, making this truly the only brewing guide you'll ever need!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

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