What does a Bar Back do?!

Question: What does a Bar Back do!?
I am trying to get a new job!. I would consider bar back possibly!.
I just need to know what exactly they do, besides stock the bar with beer!.
Do they make good money!?
Do they get any tips (At some bars, the bar tenders have to give a portion of their tips to the bouncers, DJ, and every one else!.)!?
Is it extremely boring!?
Is it hard, back busting work!?
Is there a lot of down time!?
Do you have time to actually meet and talk to the customers!?
What ever other details you may have about the job!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

keep the bar filled with ice
clean glasses!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.sometimes you have to wash
the bar needs change find the owner usually in his office
definitely not boring
no down time where I worked
occasionally get tips from patrons
meet alot of people but not alot of time to interact you stay pretty busy
help stock beer into coolers!.!.!.!.bartenders love that but only if you stay out of their way
have helped security few times
gotta keep the bar stocked dont make them have to tell you they need glasses, beer, ice etc
keep cool with the barmaids/tenders show them you want to help them and thats where your $$ comes from
hard work at times but I got to see ( while I work) some great bands
I worked only Fri-Sat night in a bar that held 100 people and had 2 bars in it and I made 60-70$ a night working 7:30 pm till 1 amWww@FoodAQ@Com

It's hard, because you're always moving and lifting stuff, so at the end of the night you're exhausted!. There should be no down time, if you're at a busy bar!. You don't interact with people really, and as far as tips goes, you get them from the bartender, and depending on the set up, sometimes the waitstaff if you clear their tables as well!. Basically, you stock the bar, keep ice in the bar, clean out empties from the bar, clean up cups and empty beer bottles from around the entire bar, and if there are tables you will occasionally be put in charge of clearing tables as well!. A lot of times if you're looking to eventually be a bartender, it's a good step into a bar!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

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