Very much a wine newbie...?!

Question: Very much a wine newbie!.!.!.!?
what are the differences between a merlot and a Cabernet!? I enjoy merlot, don't really care for blush wines but have not tried Cabernet!.

also, what is a moderate price for a nice red wine and what brands could you recommend!? Www@FoodAQ@Com

A Merlot is a bit more of a mellow wine than most Cabernet Sauvignon/ Cabernet Franc wines!. Merlot's tend to have more fruity flavours than Cabs' do, and Cabs' tend to have more oaky flavours due to how long they're barreled!.

Both go with red meats, though the stronger the flavours, the more I would lean towards a Cab!. If the flavours are lighter and more zesty, I'd go with a Merlot, but that's just my opinion!. Match the foods as YOU like!.

I'd recommend Allianca Bairada Douro for a wine!. It's a nice inexpensive Portugese wine that goes well with a lot of things (and has notes of vanilla and blueberry in it)!.


Generally, merlot is sweeter than cabernet!. Give shiraz a try as well!. For good value in these three grapes, look to Australia!. For $10, you can get a good bottle of wine!. For $15-20, you can get a great bottle of wine!.

Start with the producer 'Penfolds'!. Their bottles are easy to find and they do a good job (at many different price points)!. Avoid Yellow Tail!. I find their wine overly sweet and boring!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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