Whats a good sweet red wine?!

Question: Whats a good sweet red wine!?
The first I would recommend, if you're interested in White Zinfandel would be the Girardet White Zin that you can find at almost any Fred Meyers wine section!. It can be found for about six or seven dollars a bottle at the store, ordered online through the Oregon Wines website here or you can go directly to their tasting room and buy it!. Visiting the Girardet's is a great experience, especially if the founder Phillipe is in the room!. they are great people!. they will also be at the Newport Wine Festival in February!. I believe their White Zin to be the best on the shelves for character and taste and it is slightly sweet!. It's a great summer and sipping wine!. However, it is lower in anti-oxidants than a standard red!.

If your want a really inexpensive slightly carbonated wine go to the store and pick up either the Cella or Riunite Lambrusca's!. These can be found for under four dollars a bottle on sale and they're darn tastey!. They have just the slightest bit of natural carbonation so their kind of fun to drink!. They come out of Italy!.

The next best sources are the red Dessert and Late Harvest wines!. Dessert wines can be a more concentrated wine by it's process or because it's a Late Harvest wine!. Late Harvest means just that, the wine growers leave the grapes on the vines until almost the end of the harvest time so the individual grapes can develop more sugar!. One of the few I've had is a Late Harvest Pinot Noir from Montinore Vineyard, it's really yummy!. However, dessert and late harvest wines require more work and more grapes for a lessor quantity of wine so they are much more expensive!. A standard 750ml bottle of Pinot Noir can be had for around twelve dollars!. The Montinore LHPN is around fifteen dollars for a 500ml bottle!.

Port wines can be another source of sweet reds but I'm not sure about the level of their anti-oxidants!. But my do they taste good!

Finally, and I've been saving the best for last, if you want a really sweet red wine, and I do mean sweet, you might consider the Honeywood Winery Concord Grape, sweet red wine!. They sell cases and cases of this stuff to people like you and me who aren't to snobbish to appreciate it!. The Concord grape, yes the jelly grape, is a native American grape that most wine makers and drinkers turn their noses up at because it doesn't make a good dry wine and because it's not French!. The snob factor really comes into play here and I doubt that you can find it in most wine shops!. However Fred Meyers has it, check the fruit wine section, I'm sure you could order it through the website here, or you could visit their winery in Salem!. They will also be at Newport!. It goes for around nine dollars a bottle but it is wonderful stuff!.

MD 20/20 Red grape! But do visit
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Nothing beats Canada's "Inniskillin" icewines!.!.!.!.!.so sweet! be it for red or white, they have it!.

MD2020 over ice!.!.!.!. Just kidding!. Your best bet would be a Marsala from Sicily!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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