Home Brewing 101 - Newbie?!

Question: Home Brewing 101 - Newbie!?
Looking into getting a home brew kit!. Not sure if I will catch onto it that well and the place near me sells to types of kits - starter kit with 2 5 gal buckets, or the deluxe kit with the 6!.5 glass carboy secondary fermenter!. Do I necessarily need a secondary fermenter (since I might just bottle it and let it ferment there) or a glass carboy for that matter!? I want an honest opinion and to be blunt if someone is selling me something they will try to get me to buy the most expensive kit!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

You don't need a secondary fermenter, but it will make your beer taste better!. Most of the alcohol (and lots of CO2) is created during primary fermentation, but dead yeast and proteins will start to build up at the bottom of your fermenter in a layer of sludge that leaves behind a few undesirable tastes!. By switching your brew over to another container, it allows the remaining yeast to clean out some of these flavors!. Once fermentation is complete your beer will be a lot more clear and tasty!. This can be done with plastic buckets, but they're a lot harder to sanitize and to seal than glass carboys, plus they aren't as classy!. I'd recommend glass, but it's your call!.

Although, it is necessary to ferment your beer for a certain amount of time (about 2 weeks) before you bottle, or else your bottles will explode from CO2 pressure before there's enough alcohol in them!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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