Drinking beer and exercises?!

Question: Drinking beer and exercises!?
so this is the thing!. i've always being a skinny guy and whenever i started to work out, people always said that i wasn't going to build any muscle, because first i need to gain some weight and take supplements and such

in the past years i've gained a some of weight (beerbelly) by drinking beer!. if i start working out will i get muscles more ealisy!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

No, in fact the beer belly is a liability, rather than an asset!. Working out will help you get rid of the beer belly, and also help you buld up your musculature!. Forget the special additives , or use them if you can afford them!. Eat more often, and in smaller amounts!. use carbohydrates to help bulk yourself up!. Don't over exercise, just exercise regularly!.

Set a schedule for lifting weights, for example, ten repetitions of 180 pounds bench press, or wherever you feel comfortable starting!. Do only your ten repetitions, and then do something else, Curls, or jerks!.

work all your muscles until you are tired and push a little beyond!. Then rest!.

Start again the next day, with the same routine!. When the routine is not taxing, it does not wear you out then increase the weights, or the miles you run, or the time you exercise!.

The important thing is that you exercise regularly, and that you provide your body with regular nutrition, including plenty of carbs if you are exercising!.

This is not unlike work!. If you are a roofer, for example, and you load your own roofs with material, The first day you may only be able to carry a half a bundle of roofing up a ladder at a time, 35 pounds!. But after repeatedly carrying that 35 pounds several times a day, over a five day work week, you will be able to increase to 70 pounds, or twice as much in each load, without tiring!.!.

Don't rush, and don't become impatient, add slowly, and keep your body fed!. The rest will take care of itself!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

no!. youre gaining weight because of water retention!. this has nothing to do with working out and muscles!. if you want muscles, you have to get them the healthy way!. like the last person said, you should ask a professional!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

You question not about alcohol it's about routine exercises so you better try different category where you can get more professional answersWww@FoodAQ@Com

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