Can someone tell me how to do it?!

Question: Can someone tell me how to do it!?
bought two boxes!. One box has 5 different flavored 2!.3oz martini mix!. I looked at the ingredients and it didn't say it had that juice that starts with a v!. It says it contains no alcohol just add vodka!.

It says to add two parts of the mix and one part vodka!. How would you do it!? One ounce vodka and dump the tube!? Which is 2!.3 oz!.

The other one is a mini mojito mix!. Three mixes and three sugar rimmers!. One's cocktail ones margarita and one's mojito!.
Doesn't give instructions!. Each tube has about 4 oz in it!.

Help me please thanks!!

I got these from Target!.

You don't need to be exact in adding alcohol!. the 2!.3 oz of mix needs one shot of vodka!. Adjust a little more or less based on taste!.

The same with the other mixes - add about a shot of tequila to each tube of Margaretta mix!.

Enjoy - don't drink them all one night!Www@FoodAQ@Com

One shot each sounds about right but make one then taste it and adjust alcohol to taste!. They'll probably taste aweful regardless of what you do, you can never beat fresh ingredients!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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