Alcohol: Short Term and Long Term effects?!

Question: Alcohol: Short Term and Long Term effects!?
Hey guys

I need some help, I'm a rookie at alcohol!.

Could someone give me semi-detailed info on the long term and short term effects!?

Many Thanks


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Toby, I'm a bartender!. If you could see what I have seen!.!.!.!.long term effects are too many too list, but I will name some: Health wise I have lost so many regular customers from so many different diseases not to mention the DUI's or DWI's, I've had a customer on a transplant list who could have had transplant if he quit drinking; however he would not and literally was found dead at the door of the bar!. I had another customer that got drunk and took two girls home and was shot in the head nine times and burned!.!.!.(I am a witness in this murder case now)!. When you say long term effects, it depends on what you mean!. It sounds like you are young, just chill and be high on life!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Stay a rookie!. Drink in moderation!. If you ever feel you need a drink, stay away from it for a few months!. People get hooked on alcohol!. Then comes the liver cancer, and it's the most painful horrible death imaginable!. (you asked)!. Short term: some people say they feel happier and less shy and you wouldn't make the same decisions as you would if you were sober!. Your defenses are down!. Most young people don't know what it means to become addicted,whether it's cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, slot machines!. You're playing with fire and it could ruin your entire life!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Well here are the bad ones if you don't know your limit! You could end up on the side of the road in a diffrent state! You could black out and do thing you otherwise wouldn't do! You could drink and drive and get hurt! You could show up at a x's house looking for her!headaches uclears! High bllod pressuer! Alchol pisioning you could die! Increase in beely fat know as the beer gut! Uncontorable shaking of hands! Lack of consentraWww@FoodAQ@Com

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