Wine/Beer Hangover cures?!

Question: Wine/Beer Hangover cures!?
I was an idiot and mixed drinks at a charity event last night and woke up feeling dreadful!. I started with red and white wines and ended on a couple of beers!. I feel super dehydrated today, can't keep anything down including water, and am super shaky!. Any suggestions on how to feel better!? Www@FoodAQ@Com

Nice long hot shower to start, and don't try to eat or drink until six hours after the last time you threw up!. Then take small sips of water!. Once that stays down, proceed as if you had food poisoning: clear liquids, then gentle solids like soda crackers and jello!. Then soups and juices and things like noodles and bananas!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

1) Lots of sleep
2) Sip a beer
3) Drink another beer
4) Go to bar

Here's my "Hair of the dog" theory ( its works for years)
It's easier to go down the hill than up the hill, that is, when your hung over, you have "negative buzz" points ( you're in the hole)
When your drunk, you have "positive buzz" points, (top of the hill)

The goal is to get out of the hole and feeling good on the hill again, so flip the negative to a positive, and you'll be better off by 8 pm than you were at 8 am!.

And when you're pretty buzzed, drink a glass of water and take a non- aspirin before your lay down and sleep!. This will stop the dehydration, since alcohol wrings your body of fluids!.

Have a drink on me, and feel better!.


Yeah I was like this last sunday & I've only had a glass of beer since! Try eating a banana for some energy and reduce nausea!. SLEEP!. WATER PEACE QUIET Maybe smoke a little Marijuana, this always seems to solve the relentless vomiting & gives a mammoth appetite But plenty of water & Exercise will help alot!. Get some electrolytes in you!.

hmm, if i were yo i would keep trying myself on the water to get a little better hydrated, try and sit up with the telly on lying down makes me feel worse, and you will prob be fine in a few hours, like to the point you will want a nice curry or something, hang in there! xxx

i hate hangovers lol, and always remember, never never ever mix the grape with the grain! xxxxWww@FoodAQ@Com

unfortunately hair of the dog is all that can help you now
to avoid such mishaps in the future have one drink and then 8 oz of water, one drink then water!. this prevents your body from dehydrating and you will wake up just fine!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

my vote-lots of gatorade and salty foods will have you feeling great in no time

my husbands vote-half a glass of tomato juice and half a glass of beerWww@FoodAQ@Com

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