Why Do Americans Think Cuban Cigars Are The Best?!

Question: Why Do Americans Think Cuban Cigars Are The Best!?
Because they have always been the best!. It has to do with the tobacco plants themselves, the climate they grow in in Cuba, the makers skill, etc!. Most if not all cigars progeny are of/from Cuban cigars as the seeds were smuggled out of Cuban after the revolution!. LOL-above

Dominican Republic was the main destination of the Cuban cigar seeds smuggled out of Cuba!.



This question was asked by a young boy just yesterday!. He is a "cigar poser" which is a shame!. As I stated the best tobacco comes out of Cuba via the seeds!. But many of the makers have split some remain in Cuba and others in neighboring countries!. But the expertise is from Cuba!.

We think only in part this is due to their now rarity in the USA!. But we know they are top quality as well!. If not for the revolution in Cuba these other countries would not have the top tobacco or skilled makers from Cuba, period!.

You are close about Coors but it was more like 35 years ago!.
Coors' transition from a regional to international brewer began in the 1970's when the company started expanding both its product line and distribution!. Until then, Coors produced only one beer, the original Coors Banquet Brand, for distribution in just 11 Western states!.

Coors' limited distribution left consumers in the eastern United States clamoring for a taste of the Rocky Mountains' finest beer, and many of them went to great lengths to experience what became known as "the Coors mystique!." Former President Gerald Ford was known to return from his "western White House" in Colorado accompanied on Air Force One by several cases of Coors!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

It's because Americans don't want to waste their money trying non-cuban cigars and they want to impress their friends!.

The idea is, if it's Cuban then it must be good!. You buy a non-Cuban cigar and you think, "How do I know this will taste good!?"

also, people like to impress their friends!. In America, it's impressive if you can find a Cuban cigar!. In other countries it's not impressive at all because Cuba is just another exporter of cigars!.

I went to Cuba and brought back Havana Club rum!. It's the exact same as Bacardi (it's made at the old Cuban Bacardi plant), but all my friends were impressed that they were drinking real Cuban rum!. I made Cuba Libres and they were stoked to have real Cuban Cuba Libres!.

My personal favorites are Macanudo and Cohiba!. Cuban Romeo and Julietas are too dark for me!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

It's partly the taboo of smoking something that is illegal to purchase!. It is also the fact that many good cigars are made in Cuba, with fresh tobacco traditionally grown, and hand rolled!. American cigars, with the exception of the more expensive ones, are machine rolled with machine harvested tobacco leaves!. the rolling process is not as tight, and the leaves are not always fresh!. Yes, other countries also make hand rolled cigars in the traditional method, but they do not also contain the mystique of being outlawed to the American Consumer!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Though I don't smoke cigars, they are treated in movies and society as something which is legendary, so there is the obvious social norm that Cuban cigars are good that everyone propogates, regardless of what the truth may be!.

But, I think this is very similar to many people's stance on beer!. I'm not talking about the educated beer drinkers, who enjoy craft and microbrew beer!. I'm talking your everyday lager drinker!. If you asked them what you could get them for beer, and to not care about the price the answer would probably be some sort of imported lager!. The idea of having something imported from another country is just appealing!. If you pay attention and think about it for a second, maybe Heineken and Beck's are better than Budweiser, but these are all pretty awful beers!. They're all trying to be Pilsners, and that style was first made by Pilsner Urquell (in Czech Republic), but Victory PrimaPils (from Pennsylvania) makes a pilsner that is tops of all the beer charts for pilsner!.

So I would say that Americans tend to think Cuban cigars are good because that is the myth that they grew up with *and* they do NOT believe that the US produces good products!. If the beer drinkers would prefer Beck's and Heineken (hell, even Corona) it is because they have no faith in the US beer brewers!. But if they pay attention and bother to experiment, they'll find there are 1500 breweries which produce some really world-class stuff!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

It's an obvious flashy and meretricious display for the notice of others!. Not all are jack-a-dandy's,a few truly enjoy the aroma or taste!. It's no different than a certain preference for alcohol!.;'update',we all received thumbs down,that shows me how superficial fools can be! there is another location that you can stick that thumb!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Because you can't buy them here!.
They're a status symbol and forbidden fruit!.

25 years ago you couldn't buy Coors beer east of the Mississippi!. People wet themselves to buy it in the east!.
You don't see people driving 500 miles to buy a case now!.
It's just cheap swill that you can buy anywhere!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

I'm American and when out of the Country I always look for Cubans !.I don't think they are the best but they are a treat when I can get themWww@FoodAQ@Com

I totally disagree with Hop Head - Cuban cigars are NOT the best!. They are just different, just as Dominican cigars are different from Nicaraguan as they are from Honduran!. One is not 'better' than the other as they all taste different and personal tastes are very subjective!.

Not long ago, the Cuban tobacco crop was horrible - poor field management and lack of proper fertilizers was the culprit!. Their attempts at new strains of tobacco to follow in the footsteps of the corojo leaf did not fare well!. It has only been in the last couple of years that Cuban cigars are back to where they should be!.

But the best!? That is a very subjective statement at the very least!.

I do enjoy Cuban smokes as much as those from other countries, but I hardly feel that they are they best!. Back in the 50's and and early 60's when Cuban cigars were legal, it was interesting to see that the biggest selling cigars were rolled in the U!.S!. with candela wrappers - so much so that this type of wrapper is known today as AMS or American Market Selection!.

Most Americans believe that they are the best simply because they are not avid smokers and the mystique of the Forbidden Fruit sways their perception into thinking so!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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