How many different wine are produced in a year?!

Question: How many different wine are produced in a year!?
Does anyone have any idea or guess as to how many different bottles of wine are produced in a year!? I am guessing the FDA would keep track and the number can be found somewhere out there, I just can't find it!.


If you are asking how many different wines there are in the world, I can not answer that because there are a bazillion different varietals and then many wineries produce their own blends of those varietals at different degrees of sweetness so I think that is impossible to say!.

If you are asking volume produced then I can help you!. Every year it varies bit by bit!. For example, this year in the Napa Valley they are producing less in 2008 because most wineries lost tons of grapes to frost!. But to give you a general idea here are some numbers:

2005: Numbers are in Hectoliters:
France: 52004
Italy: 50556
Spain: 34750
United States 28692
Argentina 15222
South Africa:8410
Chile 7890
Portugal 7254
Romania 5600
Greece 4093
Russia 4000
Brazil 3200
Moldova 3200
Bulgaria 3200
Hungary 3200
Ukraine 2900
Austria 2400
Croatia 2259
new zealand 1900
japan 1200
Mexico 1110
Georgia 1100
Switzerland 1000
Macedonia 1000
Uruguay 950
Slovenia 890
Algeria 634
Uzbekistan 550
Czech republic 450
Canada 430
Slovakia 425
morocco 400
Tunisia 340
Turkmenistan 250
Cyprus 240
Lebanon 197
Peru 150
Luxembourg 136
Albania 130
Madagascar 100

there are more countries but I am tired of typing

In total 286175 hectolitersWww@FoodAQ@Com

A LOT !!!!!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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