What is "the" cocktail of the moment?!

Question: What is "the" cocktail of the moment!?
(No more lousy Bush Beer ever again!
It's top shelf stuff from now on!)


Red, White, and Blue
Swirl glass with minuscule amounts of Red State Beer then throw it out!.
Add a dash of sour Republican White Whine with bitters
Finish with top-shelf Bourbon (Street Blues variety)

A drop of premium petroleum @$38!.00 a barrel
Cool over a Pail of Alaskan Iced Palin tears
Sweeten the deal with very-aged mc CANE SUGAR
Top with Amber Waves of Grain
Throw in a little Purple Mountains Majesty
Garnish with lots of evenly distributed Cut Taxes
Stir with completely crushed Bush Leaves (the kind that have been previously well-soaked in hard alcohol for at least thirty years) (make sure to throw away all remnants of the Bush Leaves before serving)
Do not serve with RICE, or use any brand of RUM(sfelds) under any circumstances!. (poison)


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