Questions about becoming a bartender?!?!

Question: Questions about becoming a bartender!?!!?
I'm interested in becoming a bartender soon, and I'm just curious if people have opinions for these!. I haven't done anything yet, would bartender school be a good idea for me, or should I call around and see if anyone needs a barback!?
Should I call people first and ask, and if so should I go straight for a bar, or should I go for an Applebees or Buffalo Wild Wings kind of place first!?
Just curious if bartending school is any help, or if I should just try my luck calling around first, Thanks!Www@FoodAQ@Com

It really can go either way some people go to bartending school some just work their way up through the ranks!. Some bartending schools give you job placement so jobs aren't really hard to find if your bartending school helps you out!. You should definitely go to the places you want to work instead of calling!. Age depends on where you live!. You can be 18-21 just depends on your location!. If you're in school normally local college bars will hire you as a bartender if you go to school and you can be a server at one of these places and work your way up!. I went to bartending school and its fun just make sure you actually practice making drinks and that your school helps you get a job a lot of ppl in the restaurant industry hate on bartending school so they might turn you down because they think that you think your better thean them!. Good luckWww@FoodAQ@Com

Bartending school won't help you land a job!. Those schools are worthless!. As a matter of fact, they won't teach you anything you couldn't learn from a good drink dictionary that you can pick up from a used bookstore for $1!.95!.

Restaurant and bar owners/managers like to promote from within or hire people with experience!. Your best bet would be to get a job as a server (these are entry level positions and you do not need experience)!. If you're good, you can get a promotion to bartender!.

Bartenders need skills you can't pick up at school!. You need to be fast, efficient, have great communication skills and great customer service skills!. A bar manager could train a chimp to make drinks!. The other skills are much more important!. If you don't have any restaurant experience, there is no way you'll get a job as a bartender right out of bartending school!. Don't waste your money!. Besides, servers make great tips, so you'll get paid while you gain the necessary experience!.

Don't call around!. Go to a bunch of different restaurants and apply for jobs!. Restaurants are ALWAYS looking for people!. If you're under 21, you can always land a job as a busperson or greeter!. Having a good attitude, working hard and showing up for work on time will get you promoted to server!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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