Question about coffee flavor: aftertaste in black coffee. ?!

Question: Question about coffee flavor: aftertaste in black coffee!. !?
Black coffee or espresso have a lot of strong flavors but I’m talking about slightly “sour” taste!. If you know what I mean then read on!. Is different types of coffee have more of this flavor then other!? Like Columbian has less then French roust!. I’m trying to find good matching coffee to mix with my home brewed Stout beer!. And I don’t like that sour taste!
P!.S!. I’m not big coffee drinker so break it down for me!.

I find that a good medium roast (like Columbian) can taste almost caramel-like flavor if you brew it properly!. Use filtered or spring water (chemicals in tap water can make coffee taste sour or acrid)!. also, try to buy the coffee as whole bean and grind it right before you use it!. Old coffee or coffee that was ground a while ago can also taste bitter or lose it's flavor some!. If you can buy bulk coffee at your grocery store, try to do that instead of buying some coffee that's been sitting around on a shelf for months!. They usually have a grinder right there, so you can use that and know that it's been freshly ground!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Columbian will be full bodied, but smoother than French Roast!. You have to look at how the coffee beans are roasted - the darker the roast, the darker and heavier the flavor!. As for a "sour taste", that's a little perplexing for me too!. Haven't really seen that!.

You may want to consider a Sumatra blend, which is very smooth!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Whatever coffee you buy, just make sure you buy 100% arabica coffee!. These are the highest quality beans available, and have the least of this bitter flavor you speak of!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

lots of good answers here already!. your water could be the problem!. also find your local gourmet coffee roaster & get some whole beans off them & grind them as you need them!. you should notice a world of difference!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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