What's a great cocktail recipe?!

Question: What's a great cocktail recipe!?
I would love ideas on easy, great tasting cocktails!.
I love:
Blue Curaco, Cointreau, Triple Sec, Tequila, Vodka, White Rum, Soda Water!.

Gotta be fruity NOT Creamy, ie: no Bailey's, Kahlua, etc!.

I love big cocktails, ones made in tall glasses or hurricane glasses!.

Some interesting idea's would be great! Thanks for all suggestions xoWww@FoodAQ@Com

That' s easy, Trader Vic Bergeron's original Mai Tai:

2 ounces of 17-year old J!. Wray & Nephew Rum over shaved ice (any decnt rum will do tho')!.
Add juice from one large FRESH lime!.
1/2 ounce Triple Sec!. Use Grand Marnier/Cointreau if you have the $
1/2 ounce Simple Syrup!.
1/2 ounce Orgeat Syrup Pronounced 'ohr-zhay'!.
Shake vigorously!.
Add a sprig of fresh mint

This one blows people's door off!. If you can't find Orgeat Syrup, you can substitute amaretto!. Orgeat can usually be found at World Market if you have one nearby!. See links below!.

For the best margarita you'll ever have, use this recipe!.

I know the first part of this recipe sounds like a pain in the a$$, but it's really not, and it's really worth it, plus, ya just gotta!!!

First, and I know I just said it sounds like a pain in the ***, but it's really not, even with a hand-held citrus juicer: YOU NEED TO MAKE YOUR OWN HOMEMADE SOUR MIX!. The difference between that crap in the store and this stuff I'm about to tell you how to make, is stark raving freakin' unbelievable!. Trust me OK!? Here it is:

1 cup lemon and/or lime juice, FRESH SQUEEZED ONLY(use both, adds more depth to the final product)!.

1 cup distilled or spring water, tap if you must!.

Add one-half cup cane sugar, or even more to your taste if preferred (try to stay under a cup, and using light brown sugar isn't bad either, especially for caribbean based cocktails)!. Stir until dissolved!.

Some egg white (1-2 oz, the stuff they sell in a carton next to the Egg Beaters is fine) can be added to this in order give your cocktail a nice frothy head after its' mandatory shaking!. It is optional though!.

Now you've got your sour mix, the rest is way easy!.

In a nice tall 12 - 14 oz glass (assuming you don't have margarita glasses), filled with ice (cracked or crushed ice is the best, vs regular cubes)!. Add about 1!.5 - 2 oz good gold tequila (yes, Cuerva Gold is fine, no need to totally blow the budget, forget the smoe's and tequila snobs saying 'Herradurra' or Cabo Wabo' or 'Patron', you needn't be spending $50 on a bottle of tequila, especially in a mixed cockyail)!. Add 3/4th - 1 oz Grand Marnier/Cointreau (but don't skimp here)!. Fill glass with your homemade sour mix!. Transfer contents of your glass into a cocktail shaker-and shake it like the San Francisco earthquate would shake it!. Then, shake it a little more (if you added egg white to your homemade sour mix, you'll get a nice frothy head)!. Salt the rim of your glass (NOT table salt, either Kosher Salt, or Cuervo sells ready-made margarita salters)!. Pour contents of shaker back into your glass!. Float a little more Grand Marnier on top!. Garnish with a lime wedge!. Sip!. Slurp!. Then go and try to find all your doors that were just blown off!.

TRUST ME!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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