Any reason why some beers taste bad about 80% through?!

Question: Any reason why some beers taste bad about 80% through!?
I don't drink often but I've been drinking for about 2 years!. Most beers that I drink taste great and smooth all the way to the last drop, while others like Guiness and Samuel adams winter lager sometimes have a tendancy when you get to the last 20% it tastes really bitter and I can barely stand it!. I drink out of the bottle if it makes a difference, also this is after my first beer!. I only drink one beer anytime I'm drinking, I don't like the real strong buzz, I just love the taste!. So anyway what could cause the first 80% to be delicious but the last 20% to taste awful!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

I've noticed this effect also!. I personally believe that the last part of the beer is warmer, thus enhancing the bitter aspects of its flavors, plus it has lost some of its' carbonation and is well on its' way to becoming backwash (ew!)!. Here's a suggestion: when you hit the 30% mark, while it's still tasting good, just slam that sucker down to nothing, and get yourself a new beer!. That's always worked for me!. As a bartender, I've always hated those namby-pamby's that nurse that last little swig for a half-hour!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

There's a couple of things that could cause this!. First of all- temperature!. Some beers really only taste good when they are very cold!. As you drink your beer, it will get warmer!. Secondly, it could be carbonation!. Just like soda gets flat, beer does too!. And finally, it could also be yeast or malt residue left in the bottom of the bottle!. This is normal in unfiltered beers, especially!. Some beers will even tell you on the label to pour it into a bottle and be careful to not get any sediment into the glass!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Different temperature of beer!.

Try pouring into a glass and then try to use the correct glass for the style of beer you are drinking!.!.!.like a wine glass have different glasses for a particular style of wine!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

In those darker beers yeast settles in the bottom, you are not supposed to drink that part!.Www@FoodAQ@Com


When most beers, particularly lagers, get warm they taste bitter!. Ales tend to taste better slightly warmer than lagers!. This sort of has to do with the way they are brewed but I won't get into all the technicalities!. And I don't expect you to learn about every beer and whether or not they're ales or lagers!.

My suggestion is to drink your beer from a glass; if you buy bottles, ask for a glass to pour into!. Your hand quickly warms the the bottle and the last 8th or so of beer tends to be warm and bitter!. Pouring into a glass helps a lot because it increases the surface area!.

also, if you're at a bar, try the draft beer!. I'm not sure why so many people opt to order bottles at the bar; I think draft beer tastes better and you get more for less money!. Draft beer is often served colder than bottles!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Backwash is definitely not the problem here, far too little to worry about -- plus you probably don't mind the taste of your own saliva!.

This is a temperature problem!. As beer warms up, especially beers intended to be drank cold, they change flavors dramatically!. Some beers taste good at around 45-50F, or even higher!. Usually these are Belgian ales, for example my St!. Bernardus Abt12 60th Anniversary special edition 750mL bottle says serve between 52 - 56F!. This is a cellar temperature, much like the French use wine cellars to maintain around 55F!. (Total side note: red wine is meant to be served at cellar temperature, 55F; most Americans don't have a cellar and mistake "cellar" for "room"!. No alcoholic beverage tastes good at room -- 70F -- temperature!. Always chill your reds!)!.

I find it particularly weird you say it tastes like straight vodka, since you mention Guinness and Sam Adams Winter Lager!. These are low alcohol drinks, really, Guiness is 4!.2% and Winter Lager is 5!.8%!. Neither of these is particularly going to taste like alcohol, which by the way is less dense than water so it should float!.

also!.!.!. please stop using a bottle!. Always pour into a glass!. You don't have to have a collection of various beer glassware, a nice pint glass will work well enough for most everything!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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