Consequences of a fake ID?!

Question: Consequences of a fake ID!?
I want to get a fake ID and was wondering what are the consequences of having one if you get caught!. I wouldnt get a legit one that would be scannable but i would have one that said that i was over 21!. So i probably wouldnt be able to buy liqour!. Which is fine with me cause i like beer better!. But if the people at the store realized it was fake what would happen!? or at a bar!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

It really depends on the place your going to!. The more popular or club like it is, the harsher the punishment will be!. A regular suburban bar or liquor store will barely even look at your ID, and if they think it's fake they will just kick you out!.

A fairly popular bar will just confiscate your ID if they believe it to be fake, and turn you away!.

If a police officer catches you with a fake ID however, you'll either just loose it (hopefully), or you could be facing jail time for counterfeiting or falsifying a federal ID!. You'll face lesser charges if all the other information is real except your birthday however!.

You're much better off just going to the bar early, before 8, and they'll rarely card you, or get know the wait staff somewhere and you won't even be asked to present an ID!. Stick to establishments without a huge customer base and you're less likely to be scrutinized!.

Expired ID's of someone who looks like you is the best way to go, or not ID at all!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

It really depends where you live!? Some states are a bit more strict than others!. If you're planning to go to a big city with a fake!.!.!.good luck! Small bars or small towns may just let you in!. Some of the consequences are minor like just getting it taken away but others you may get a hefty fine!. My friend had one and the bouncer said she could pay him $20 for it back or he'd call the police!. I guess bribery works sometimes!. Good luck and be safe!


This is the wrong section but,

I'm guessing a MAJOR fine or some time in jail!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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