How many calories are in the following alcoholic drinks?!

Question: How many calories are in the following alcoholic drinks!?
1 pint of Guinness
1 bottle of Corona
1 Pint of Fosters
1 Double Vodka & Red BullWww@FoodAQ@Com

1 pint of Guinness-170kcal (Calories)
1 bottole of Coronoa-Corona Extra has 148 calories per 12 oz!. serving!. Corona Light has 109 calories per 12 oz!. serving
1 pint of Fosters-Approximately 180 calories per pint!.
1 Double Vodka and Red Bull- Cant find but in Vodka & Red Bull (1/2 can) it's 112 and double that it's 168 So I guess they're the same!? Idk
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