Is my India Pale Ale ready to be bottled?!

Question: Is my India Pale Ale ready to be bottled!?
I pitched my yeast on Tuesday (march 24th) last week (S!.G!. at 1!.049), then when the vigorous fermentation stopped last Thursday (march 26th) and I racked it into my carboy (at 1!.010)!. Now it's been in the carboy for the week-end and it seems to have stopped fermenting at (1!.007 taken April 1)!. also there is a distinct line between the trub and the beer above!. The guy at the home brew store says I can leave it for another 4 months if I wanted to but on the internet I read that it's possible that the trub can change the taste if it sit on it too long!. I also read that it is possible for the yeast to go dormant after a long period of inactivity thus no carbonation in bottles!.

I was thinking of bottling this Sunday April 5th or should I wait longer (like till next Sunday April 12th)!?
What would you do!?

Additional details, no more foam on top of beer, air-lock doesn't bubble anymore, and I'm using Brewhouse India Pale Ale (I know some people know this is cheating but it's my first time and I wanted to take it easy at first!. also I don't have a pot big enough to boil my wort)Www@FoodAQ@Com

14A!. English IPA
Vital Statistics:
OG 1!.050 - 1!.075
FG 1!.010 - 1!.018
IBUs 40 - 60
SRM 8 - 14
ABV 5 - 7!.5%

You can bottle anytime now!. You might want to carefully rack to another tank/carboy!. Buy doing so you can achieve more settling of your beer!. When you rack a fining agent would be nice to aid beer clarity and stability!. If you have a refrigeration source (perhaps this is in the future) chilling combined with the finings may aid your beer further in clarity and stability!. But for now just racking the beer to allow for more settling of solids will be good!.
Yeast does go to a dormant state and die under a certain set of conditions!. A lack of an energy source is one!. But when you bottle you will be instructed to use a sugar source for the yeast that is still in suspension!. This will be sufficient for your beers' carbonation!.

5th or 12th
As long as you rack you can wait until the 12th of the month otherwise you would be better off bottling now on the 5th!. A four month storage is not recommended!. You will definitely get off flavors from yeast and perhaps other sources!. Everything else seems to be in order!.

Your "trub" is actually the Krausen layer!. It is largely yeast and CO2 gas!. But the brown color you have noticed is hop resins and malt tannins!. In the long ago past that layer was skimmed both for the yeast and to prevent a purported bitterness that it may contribute to the beer!. Actually still today, in certain open top fermentation operations, such as England's Sameul Smith's Brewery, skimming is still done!. But for most operations and I suggest for your's let it be!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

It sounds like it has finished fermentation!. I would bottle this weekend!. It could sit for another week and not really hurt it, but if you get it bottled it will be ready to drink sooner!. It may take 7 to 14 days to bottle condition (aka carbonate)!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

FG for IPAs is 1!.010 - 1!.018, so you're done!. If anything, your beer will be a "dry" IPA!.

Your OG was a bit low, which is why you have around 5!.5%ABV!. Pretty good for the first time I'd say!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

dude, too much work, just go buy Stone IPA and be happy! :0)Www@FoodAQ@Com

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