Is my mom drinking too much?!

Question: Is my mom drinking too much?
As of the last three years or so I have noticed that my mother has been drinking more than she ever did. I'm not saying just a glass of wine at night when she gets home from work, I mean like, four or five glasses half full of five o clock vodka with a splash of juice in them. And I can always tell when she starts to get buzzed because she's just... annoying. This is an every night occurence, she used to go to the bar almost every night but i think my step dad chilled her out of that. Anyways, she's drinking between 1/4 to 1/2 of this 5th of vodka every night. Now, I'm not an idiot so I know thay drinking is bad and too much can harm you blah blah. I love my mother with all my heart and want to see her stick around for a long time, so I can't help but wonder if this is too much booze? Should I try to talk to her about it again? How do i go about it she always gets mad when i say anything..? Most importantly, is she considered an alcoholic?


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She's drinking too much, probably not enough to be a full blown alcoholic but she's headed for it. You can tell her you love her and care about her and you're worried, but only she can do anything about it. Unfortunately for her and for you she needs to want to change enough to actually change and that may mean a fall. She has to love herself more than she loves the booze before she changes.
Protect your self.

Speaking from experience your mom IS an alcoholic. From what you describe, stopping immediately is not going to be an option. Alcohol withdrawal is very dangerous if not treated by skilled professionals. The rate of intake for your mom is high and she is very ill, both mentally and physically so you cant rely on reason alone to get through to her. Waiting until she's in a good mood isn't going to happen because she's under the influence all the time. If she has insurance she will need to go to rehab to dry out under medical supervision, she will also begin counseling while she's there. If you have family, and someone with experience in this area that can help, an intervention isn't a bad idea, but be ready for her alcoholism to fight you tooth and nail. Getting her to admit she has a problem is a huge undertaking, but she already knows she's drinking too much and cant stop. Breaking an addiction is never easy, it's one thing to get sober and something totally different to stay sober.

Al-Anon is an excellent resource for family and friends of alcoholics. It helps them cope and understand the disease of addiction. Alcoholism has a negative impact on the entire family. I feel your pain. Good luck and God bless.

Definately if she is drinking 5 glasses which is a full bottle of wine every single night and vodka on top of it then she is an alcoholic. She might be in the early stages of it but it gets worse every time so she might even start to drink more over time. People who drink too much build up a tolerance and it all starts out small then they need more and more over time because they no longer get a buzz going. I would suggest you talk to her about it and tell her that you are worried and that you want her to live to a ripe old age and not die of an alcohol related disease such as cirrhosis of the liver, cancer, heart disease (all these diseases are caused by excessive booze intake) and tell her you love her and want her to be around for a long time and that she should stop or cut down greatly because over time this will cause health issues it might not be today or tommorrow but if she continues down this path then eventually it will catch up to her. I heard stories about people who died of liver failure and trust me it's not a nice path to go they lay in hospital beds, screaming in pain are on needles all day long and they are yellow and suffer so bad they need nurses around them to make them feel as comfortable as possible before they die. And they eventually need someone to take care of them 24/7 because when the liver not working poisons will build up in the blood causing brain damage and making a person forget many things. The liver is what takes out toxins from the body when its not working the toxins will stay in and accumulate. But this is not something you want your mother to go through people who die of liver failure die a very slow, disgusting and painful death. My 8 and a half year old cat died from that (well it was kidney failure not liver failure) and it was so terrible watching him go through this he was in so much pain and forgot everything didn't eat and didn't drink and in the end he was jumping up and down screaming in so much pain and this is when I knew it was the end he was dying so I took him to the hospital to have him put to sleep so he didn't suffer a painful and horrible death. I advise you to talk to her about it please and say you are worried for her health and to stop what she is doing because you want her to be around to see her grandkids grow up. Good luck. It might not work the first time but keep trying maybe you can get her to change her ways.

Wow tats too many questions for me to digest. But still i'll answer them slowly.
I tink u shld speak to ur mum about tis matter. You can try it aft dinner or in a private rm wen shes in a gd mood. And of cuz nt drunk. Tell her tat she should cherish her life and tat alcoholic drinks will harm her health and tat goes on blah blah blah blah...... Well, anyone who drinks so much everydae, i can say shes an alcoholic. Tat u consult ur family doctor. I noe u luv ur mum. So u can add things like : I luv u mum, i dun wan u to get sick, pls quit drinking. Sumting liddat. U can try helping her gettin of tis addict. Like giving her soft drinks wenever she feel like drinking;tat would be wen she listens to u. Slowly, she will drink lesser alcoholic drinks, and u can start recommending healthier drinks like fruit juice, milk or plain water of cuz ==. So, u can take my advice but i tink its btr to consult a doctor too. Most Importantly, Good Luck! :DDD

Me ( Pls Consult the doctor too) I'm nt very sure, its juz based on my experiences. :S

Mom is an alcoholic, but what is called a functioning alcoholic because she can still go to work, do her job, and so on. In her mind, this makes her drinking acceptable because it isn't impacting anything in her life. You say she gets annoying but don't describe her behavior: stupid comments, singing loudly, talking baby talk, swearing and repeating herself over and over? Lots of things are annoying.

The fact that she gets mad when you mention the drinking tells you that she knows it's out of control. If you can find an AlAnon meeting nearby (look online) and start going to those, you will learn more than anyone can tell you about how you can help yourself and hopefully help her. But she has to decide to change her ways. No amount of begging from you can do that. I urge you to try the meetings. And you can start right now by firmly but calmly telling mom that you won't be around her when she's drinking, then don't be.

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