How much does pot typically cost? PURELY FOR RESEARCH!?!

Question: How much does pot typically cost? PURELY FOR RESEARCH!?
I'm writing something and FOR STORY PURPOSES ONLY need to know how much pot typically costs. I have never done drugs at all so I have no idea. Thanks!


A dime = $10 1-1.2g
A Nickel = $15 1.3-1.5g
A Dub = $20 1.6-2g
See the pattern?
Jumping a bit... These vary in price much more but the weight is constant.
A half oz = $200ish
an oz = $400ish
anything more varies greatly in price...
A lb can be 5k or 2k... totally depends.

MMJ card.

Tinnies (usually containing somewhere between 1-3 grams) cost $20, 50 bag costs $50 (will get you very baked), hundy bags are $100, Oz and pounds are for the big timers.

Well for 3.5 grams or 1/8th of an ounce it is typically 40-50 dollars I do believe. I've heard of it going as low as 30 and as high as 80.

$100/oz around here.

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