How do I get alcohol?!

Question: How do I get alcohol?
I'm 18 and want alcohol but my mom won't buy me any. I don't care that I'm not 21.


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ask a black guy at a gas for me.

Have a genie make you into a mature and responsible 21 year old. Or live in a
country where you can buy it at 18 otherwise wait your turn like the rest of us.

There is no reason for your mom to buy it for you, that would be illegal. Do you
really want your mom to risk going to jail and/or at the least embarrass herself?

Get one of your cousins to buy it for you, or one of your friends older brothers or sisters. Or go to walmart, get a case of root beer (bottles) take out the rootbeer and put bottles of beer in the case, and use the self checkout.

and I thought 18 year olds were mature.

Listen to your mother she knows whats best for you!!

Come to Australia, the age is 18 here ;)

have someone else buy it for you, or try do it yourself

If you are that desperate, I hope you don't get any.... Grow up.

hahaha sucks for you

wait till 21 like everyone else and quit being a brat.

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