Would most Americans really wait until theyre 21 to drink? ?!

Question: Would most Americans really wait until theyre 21 to drink? ?
Where I am, In Ireland, it would be considered normal to drink when you're 17 or so. Do ye think the age limit is fair? Thanks. :]


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The age one becomes a legal adult here in US is 18, so it doesn't seem right that the legal age to consume alcohol is 21. The age for both should be the same. My personal opinion is that the age for both should be 20.

Many, many drink illegally before the age of 21.

I'm not American, but I do think the age should be lowered. Demonizing alcohol as something to be feared is what drives the impetus to consume it inappropriately. Ask any American teen who drinks, they'll tell you that half the fun is the risk of being caught.

The more harshly a society rails against alcohol as a dangerous thing, as opposed to making it a part of culture and teaching responsible use even before the kid is old enough to want to drink, then the more people will push back and misuse it.

Nope, I definitely do not think it's fair. I'm American, and I did not wait until my 21st birthday to drink. I think that the age limit should be 18. At 18, you're old enough to move out, get married, join the military, and make other decisions that will affect you for the rest of your life. You should be allowed to drink then, too.

yes i do think its fair and i waited till the day before my 21st birthday to have a drink.

If the drinking age is lowered then the driving age should be raised, most teens at 16 or 17 who just learn how to drive do it badly so i dont think the smart idea would be to add alcohol to the the mix.

Are you kidding me?! Im american and im 18 and ive been drinking since i was 14, and so has half of my highschool, Teens always manage a way to get drinks, at parties etc. For the little bolder types like myself... i know places that'll sell me alcohol because of my demeanor and the way i carry myself (older than i am) and they don't card me...i walk in, ask for what i want then leave. I cant tell you how many teens drink in america... by 21 Its no longer as much fun...been there done that... part of the thrill and wanting to do it, is the fact that's you aren't supposed to. You always want what you cant have or shouldn't have...

life experience

No, honestly most don't. I think it should be lowerd, because in my experience when people want alcohol, but aren't old enough to buy it, they're more likely to have someone buy them something like vodka, that gets them drunk fast, rather than a safer choice of beer.
I think 18 makes more sense.

Americans tend to be up tight about things and think everything should be controlled by someone else. Most Americans don't wait until 21 to drink.

Maya raised her fifth glass of Tequila and say:

"Ofts Coz..tey shud and iz fair.. [..hic..].. we dun gunna wunna kill zem all at 17 do we? [..hic..hic..]"

I don't think most wait till 21, but I am waiting

Some wait until they are 21 but many do not.

I think the age should be higher and punishment increased for both those
who drink when underage, as well as for the people that made it possible.

Immaturity and Irresponsibility of many in the US

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