Hardy Super Bowl Foods?!

Question: Hardy Super Bowl Foods?
My husband is having a couple friends over to watch the Super Bowl about 7 guys and a few their girlfriends. Most of the men are pretty big guys, not fat but they all have meat on their bones and they eat good. Veggie trays, finger foods and cream based dips wont do it for these guys so I'm making some hot sausage but thats not enough. I was thinking about maybe a hoagie tray some wings and taco dip too but I need more ideas can you please help? I know I will need alot of chips.


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Barbecued Ribs
Chicken Wings made with three sauces
Sweet N Sour

Sausages are good but must be better than the Johnsonville crap
A thick stew is nice as well.
I am big on cheese plates but none of that crappy yellow ****.

Garlic Bread with cheese

hoagie tray?
Sure if they like to build their own sandwich that is cool too.

Beer, Beer, and more beer

Packers were great

sounds like fun*
maybe make a pot of chilli and have fresh loaf bread available and maybe nacho chips
definately chips and salsa
wings are awsome and the hot sausage
also the hoagie tray
now some desserts
apple crumble?
homemade brownies or cookies?
or cake
ENJOY the game not just making alot of food* Enjoy Yourself too*

Tradition here is always homemade chili while my son is making up B-B-Q chicken. If stretched for time hoagies work well. Just hope you have something better than Iron City or Rolling Rock to wash it down.
Just remember, it is a cheese free Sunday in Pittsburgh.

Pizza, wings sound good ( probably a lot ), salad, pasta, and don't forget the drinks!
There's probably some good deals on pizza too.

Lettuce! ARGG!

Definitely chili. Start soon so it has a good amount of time to simmer and meld together. Yum !

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