Asking for a beer at a bar?!

Question: Asking for a beer at a bar?
okay so im going out with my mates and i haven't really brought beer from a bar before.

all i really want from you guys is to tell me what i say to the barman serving me, for example do i just say " a pint " or " a pint of stella" , i just don't want to look a fool when it comes to ordering

please help
Many thanks !!


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"A pint of Stella please" will suffice.
You don't just ask for a pint unless the barman knows your tipple.
Once you've had one you can just say, "Same again please".

If you go to a bar, get the good stuff or the cheap stuff. If everybody is drinking Bud, get a bottle of Bud. If they are drinking Guinness, get Guinness. Keep it simple.
Take 20 bucks, in fives. No more, and no less. Eat a burger or the local special.
Get into the band! Groove.

give me a pint of what ever kind you want!

"Hey smackface gizza pint of GUINNESS AND FECKIN URRY UP"

In the US
We say
Hit me
Or say I like it tough
Or what I say
What's for tonight and wink

eeyyyy stupid american give me de beer meeoww --- tats my go to good luck

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