What's the first sign of alcoholism?!

Question: What's the first sign of alcoholism?
Cause I think I'm beyond that.


a more than usual urge to drink for no real reason, drinking alone usually comes into this.

then again i drink alone when i am bored, have an extensive family history of alcoholism and i am normal with the stuff really

past experience with family

There are lots of signs, like needing to drink all the time and drinking to feel better.

The 2 that make it definitely alcoholism are
- Hiding drinking from people, whether friends family or neighbours
- Being ashamed of drinking

As you might figure, they go hand in hand and the fact that they dont stop you/the person you are worried about shows that it is an addiction.

If it is you, you will notice these things, if it is someone you are worried about you might notice things like hidden empty bottles, bottles of alcohol in your house that dont get drunk on a regular basis i.e no one drinks vodka in the house but you have a bottle, the contents are water or diluted.

Lived with family members that suffer from alcoholism.

Not knowing when you have had enough, being out of control and needing a drink rather than wanting one.Not admitting to how much you drink and drinking alone or in secret.If you hide your empties to avoid others knowing how much you have drunk.You are alcohol dependent if you are familiar with any of these and need to see your doctor and get help before it starts to ruin your life.

Tremors,sweats,insomnia,loss of appetite,do not go 24 hrs without a drink get professional medical advice first on how to detox,you could have medical complications such as seizures or fall into delirium tremors which can prove to be fatal in some suffers

drinking alone. And the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Good for you. Get help now. Best of luck to you

Vodka on cornflakes.

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