Can a 13 year old get drunk with a glass of wine?!

Question: Can a 13 year old get drunk with a glass of wine?
Ok well My friend is 13 year old and she told me that she got drunk by taking one glass of wine. is it possible? Here In canada our drinking law is 18 yrs


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would depend upon strength of wine, body weight, contents of stomach and what she considers drunk to be.

of course this is possible. some wines are very strong and if you are not used to alcohol then getting drunk will be easier than if you were a seasoned drinker. also the glass could have been a large one, lol.

first-hand experience,lololol.

I would say yes, if they aren't used to drinking, sure they could! I get a buzz of a glass of wine, but I only drink on the weekend once in awhile. And if they are still small in size, that doesn't help either.

No, She is an idiot and not much difference between her normally and an actual drunk person. She is probably also trying to seem cooler than she actually is.

I wouldn't say all out drunk, but if shes never drank before, she could prolly get a nice buzz from it.

She probably got tipsy and thought she was drunk

Sure she can get drunk. If she drinks a lot of it.

Then she shouldn't drink it.

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