Right, ALCOHOLISM... What is wrong with it?!

Question: Right, ALCOHOLISM... What is wrong with it?
Soon as nobody seems to know the bloody signs.


Everyone is too drunk to answer.

My father died a painful death from cirrohsis of the liver....it was very bad

Before that he was homeless and lived on the streets for years. Ate at soup kitchens and panhandled.

He was a brilliant college educated guy but alcoholism caused him much suffering,,,,that is wrong

i don't need to drink i'd rather have a clear head! back to the question it's up2 a person if he/she drinks themselves to death but it's down to the person if he/she wants to change no one can forced them to change they will have to change themselves

You must elaborate or ask the question clearly.

Ask this question again when you are sober.

Why are you asking these questions all over yahoo answers?

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