How do I control alcohol in a small party?!

Question: How do I control alcohol in a small party?
I am 22, just graduated from college, got a great job, and I moved to a nice apartment community. It's pretty exclusive to get in and they are pretty strict when it comes to maintaining peace and quiet. On Friday nights it is dead quiet. I love living there because it is upscale and beautiful.

My friends are insisting on a housewarming party at least in a BYOB capacity. I love my friends but they have the potential to be wild because they're still in college. For me personally, I don't drink alcohol because alcoholism runs in my family tree. I know my limitations but don't expect others live like me. But I can't risk getting reprimanded or evicted because my friends were obnoxiously loud at 10pm.

I am only going to have 6-8 people. I am thinking of serving the alcohol myself, maybe just get a pack of Heineken and a bottle of wine. I don't know much about serving alcohol, but my reasoning is if I control the availability of alcohol they can't get wasted. I want to have some alcohol because I don't want to come off as a prude. What suggestions do you guys have?


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You could start the party earlier, and make sure you tell everyone that it will be over by 9 or 10. You can explain the situation in more detail, if they want. Just tell them the truth.

If it's a small group of close friends, this isn't unreasonable at all, and they will understand.

I would also suggest you have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages on hand.
You could also have the party in the afternoon, when people may be less inclined to drink much. Also, if you have the party\ in the early afternoon people may have to be somewhere in the evening.

Your house your rules man, if you tell em not to get too f-d up, then the majority of them should have your back and help control the ones that wanna get sloshed. Dont come off as a douche, just be straight up about it and be cool about it. If someone crosses the line, taxi.

If they're actually good friends then they would understand that you can't get wasted cuz its the rules and stuff. So they probably would be fine with it.

just don't buy any and then you don't have to worry about it

damn.. a party with liquor restrictions sounds like it would blow.... I get your friends and i get your situation... The only thing i can recommend is cut the b.s and just Tell them all individually if you feel comfortable or as a whole group when they all begin to drink... Tell them ... " hey guys lets take it easy yeah? my landlord seems like douche and will give me b.s if we get insane here thanx"... that way they'll be aware and you can drop the guilt on the landlord..without getting any fuzz on you... then if one start to get crazy... limit their consumption or warn them.... and yeah host your own liquor...otherwise you don't know what theyll be bringing... beers for guys wine for girls... and a bottle of some "flavored" vodka... usually will have the lowest amount of alcohol and is still be close to being considered a hard liquor for the guys who want a shot or two.... before dropping down to the liquorjuices like hypnotiq or mali... (goodluck guys drinking does)........ your gonna need some distractions to make them forget they aren't getting wasted... music? movies? a good game? tv show? and FOOD... thatll calm the guys down pizza, and beers and a game... will chill down anyyyy guy..... girls, wine, fondue and girl talk is niceeee...


I use to host types of events at home.... that required some restrictions... and i would just tell them when they arrived at the door... hey guys have fun but, so and so............ok? thanks... and consistently it would always work out.

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If you want to control liquor, I would suggest setting up a bartending-type situation where you can control the amount of alcohol you are putting in drinks. All you really need is vodka and juices (orange, cranberry, pineapple). Maybe some peach schnapps for sex on the beach - but with vodka and those juices you can make screwdrivers, cape codders, hawaiian seabreezes, and madras. Each drink should only have one shot of vodka in it (except for sex on the beach which is a two liquor drink) and the rest should be juice.

A good party pleaser is a chocolate cake shot - which is frangelico and citron (any vodka). Add goldschlager for a cinnamon taste. I would play cards or something so it doesn't get too loud - and you can always control how much liquor you are putting in someone's drink based on how much they have had or how drunk they are acting. Also, have food! Nothing salty so they get thirsty, but something they can snack on so they aren't just constantly drinking. Good luck!

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