Is drinking this much possible?!

Question: Is drinking this much possible?
My friend is about 100 pounds max, and SHE is only 4'11. Is it physically possible for her to drink 20-25 shots tequila as she claims, without getting alcohol poisoning, having a hangover but only puking once? She never drinks either. So she would not have a tolerance. Is this a possible lie?


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Im 5'7 and 125 Pounds. Im a heavy weight so it takes quite a bit to get me drunk.
7-10 Shots usually does it for me. So I think you should call bluff on this one.

I am 5'2'', 120 lbs. I used to drink nonstop for over thirty years. I only drank one kind of beer. I could consume a half a case after work. I was never late for work, I never missed work. I raised three children who have now given me grandchildren. They work, are educated, are well adjusted and don't need anyone's assistance in their lives and neither do I, my husband and Down Syndrome son who have lived together under the same roof for over 30 yrs. I was a functioning drinker. I could drink two sailors under the table w/shots of tequila washing it down with beer. I could have chosen to"drive home, safely, never endangered myself or anyone else and never caused any kind of accident." Instead, I prepared, bought my beer and brought it home and drank it, never going to clubs and staying OFF the roads. I could definitely hold my liquor. Your little friend is lying and should not be provoked to put her money where her mouth is. You know what she's saying is a bunch of baloney, just leave it at that. Don't encourage her to drink at all. You might want to suggest to her that she need not get drunk to be cool. Beyond that, you can only control yourself, and it you should. P.S. I stopped drinking in 1998. It just bored me after so long. I found better things to do with my time and money. Like helping people that need it. There's no 'buzz' like seeing special people made happy by something you did to make them that way.


It could be a lie BUT i for example weigh 120 kilograms im 1,90 meters tall i drink rarely,but i can drink
10 bottles of tequila with no effect.i simply cannot get drunk,your friends liver can probably metabolize alcohol fast and fyi by drinking regularly you dont get tolerance,on the contrary you get drunk more easily.

Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. Tell her to put her money where he mouth is and have a couple buddies on standby to drive her to get her stomach pumped. Also make sure there isn't a slip of the hand and some shots aren't water.

Anythings possible, but this sounds improbable.

No man that is a lie. I have a friend who's 195. And he drinks a lot and often. He did 22 shots of Jack Daniels and he had to be rushed to the ER man so ya bro that's a lie.

I have seen this happen.



please !! i d't like that matters

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