Is the alcohol in hotel suite fridges free? Aka wet fridge?!

Question: Is the alcohol in hotel suite fridges free? Aka wet fridge?

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No they cost an arm and a leg and you may wake up with only one eye.

No it isn't. Everything in the fridge are items you have to pay for, and there are more items than just liquor- sodas, fruit juices, and I've occasionally seen frozen candy bars. There's a check list you fill out when you take items that you turn over to the checkout desk when you leave, and they take inventory after you leave so if something is missing they'll bill your credit card anyway.

All these things are frightfully expensive so unless you're stuck in your room for some reason, it's cheaper to go to a local market to buy those items. You can keep those items in the fridge for free.

yes they charge and normally its an inflated price.. double than what you'd purchase outside.. so we normally ask the room attendant to remove everything upon checking in. then we go to a nearby little grocery and buy stuff we like and stock the fridge for the duration of our stay...


And be careful- they ususally charge if you remove something from the fridge because the bottles are on sensors ... However they do not refun if you replace something on the sensor (even if it's the same bottle)

no it not

dont have a source

No. It's not. Be prepared for a hefty bill.

No. Bring your own, or you are throwing away money.

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