How do I break the handle off of a glass mason jar cleanly?!

Question: How do I break the handle off of a glass mason jar cleanly?
Okay, I recently got a glass-mason jar candle from this fancy antique place, and I thought for sure it would fit into my huge-mouthed candle warmer, but, alas, it gets stuck about halfway to the bottom.

Does anyone know of a way I could make a clean break on the handle that wouldn't damage the main body?


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use this technique but wherever you need to on the bottle

Or you could take a cooled bottle, take a metal rod and heat it up with a blowtorch, and rub the rod around the area that you want to cut and it should break where the hot metal rod touched. Always remember to take safety precautions

breaking the handle off would likely not be an east task, and could leave a sharp edge, break the whole candle.. or possible leave a weak spot on the glass that could pop when it gets heated up.. not good.

I think i would just keep it as decoration or burn it the old fashion way.

It's amazing! Check out the link in the blog post,

It's amazing! Here:

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