i'm trying to find a beer commercial?!

Question: I'm trying to find a beer commercial?
i am trying to find an ad. it was a beer commercial about an old man & his young daughter who lived together. they were putting a young guy up for the night and while the old man slept they began fooling around and made enough noise to raise the dead but the old man slept through it all. however when the guy went into the fridge and popped the cork of the old mans favorite beer he cracked one eye open and reached for his gun. could someone please tell me where to find that commercoal? please


I have this as a .wmv file, but for some reason, Yahoo won't let me send it to you even though I've enabled Yahoo communications. Email me @ Ranebo1000@yahoo.com and put "asking for bud commercial" in the subject line, and I'll send it to you.

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