Is it wrong for me to have a glass of champagne at a wedding even though I'm under 21?!

Question: Is it wrong for me to have a glass of champagne at a wedding even though I'm under 21?
I'm 16 about to be 17 and over the weekend I was at a cousins wedding reception with my mother and they had this thing called a champagne march where all of the waiters from the place came out a served champagne to all the guest. When they can over to our table my mom put her hand over the glass so they wouldn't serve me any. But some of my other cousins there that I'm pretty sure aren't 21 yet had some champagne and a few drinks from the open bar during the night.
I just think that their should be an exception for the law if you're with your parent and it's at a formal event like a wedding reception. During the toast i just sat their while everyone else drunk their champagne.


It depends on where you are. Some states, like New York, allow parents to give their children alcohol while on private premise. Others, like Rhode Island, ban underage consumption for all but educational purposes (they wrote that part into law for a large culinary school's wine tastings and bar-tending classes).

Now then, one glass of bubbly probably won't put you under the table. The rules can be broken without being caught, but it may still be illegal where you are. While you don't want to hear it, it's up to your guardians whether you are or are not to drink. When you're 18, you have more control but it's still illegal.

I believe that Under age people should have a taste every onece in a while with parents at receptions and weddings and stuff so they'd know how it's like and don't abuse when they get of age. Champagne is not considered to have much alcohol that's why in France, they even serve children with champagne in weddings and occasions.

The problem is that the reception hall can get in trouble for serving a minor. At a private home, your parents can legally serve you a glass of champagne but at a bar, restaurant or reception hall, it is not allowed by law. And it is the establishment that gets in trouble (fined, potential loss of license).

It wouldn't matter if there was an exception to the law because your mom didn't want you to have any. Just like most states have a law saying you can drive with a learner's permit if your parent is with you. If your parent doesn't let you drive, you're screwed and it doesn't matter that they could do it.

Theres nothing wrong with it as long as your not going crazy. Actually kids under 21 that have a glass of alchol every once in a wile are less likely to become alcholics because alchol becomes less "taboo".

Girl please, it's monday, I am 20, I am at my house, and I have nothing to do... So I bought a big *** bottle of captain.... To me there's nothing wrong with it... Does that answer your question?

The law is the law and your right there is not a huge difference between 17 and 18, but there is a big difference between 17 and 21.

No it's not wrong. You need to get some experience being hammered before you start dating, your virginity may depend on it.

well everybody has a drink of champagne so ._. its not good fr you but hey whats the worst that can happen but i suggest soda

What you think the law should be like doesn't change what it is. Was it wrong? That is a matter of opinion. Was it illegal? Yes, and your parents could have gotten in trouble had there been a police officer who saw it. Many people disagree with a great many different laws, but not liking them doesn't change them. The law is there to keep minors from drinking irresponsibly.

The real issue here is liability and the venue's liquor license. If the waiters were smart, they wouldn't have even tried to pour you a glass without first establishing your age with photo ID. If they serve alcohol to a minor and get caught doing it, the establishment where the reception was held could get hit with a hefty fine and have their liquor licence either suspended or revoked (not to mention that the waiter in question would lose his job). Event venues make a lot of money on liquor, so losing their licence is very serious. Also, from a legal standpoint no municipality will ever "make an exception" to allow minor to drink just because it's a special event or because they're accompanied by a parent.

its only ok if your at a latino wedding

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