Alcohol Questionnn!!?!

Question: Alcohol Questionnn!!?
So I know that when someone is drunk on alcohol they tend to do things that they normally wouldnt. Are these actions subconcious? (Like if a guy hooks up with a girl while he is drunk is it because he subconsiously wants to? Or is it the alcohol speaking?).


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I would not try to rationalize a drunk person's behavior. If a guy is drunk enough he may hook up with ANYBODY lol. The true test is what someone does when they are sober, not when they are drunk.

Hmm...not for me, personally. I look back on things that I did while I was drunk and TRUST ME, I definitely didn't subconsciously want to do those things. lol It makes you less inhibited, yes, so sometimes alcohol is an excuse to talk to a girl/guy you've always wanted to, but lots of times it makes you do things you don't want to either.

You just don't care as much... Your guard is down, you are more relaxed, and aren't as afraid of the consequences. But you still know what you are doing.... I mean I have hooked up with a guy while wasted, I of course wanted to at the moment. But when I sobered up I regretted it... Matter of fact I stopped in the midst of it.

alcohol basically puts your guard down so personally I do what I subconsciously wanna do. alcohol just gives you the courage because you can always just blame it on the alcohol if u do something stupid or foolish

Alcohol makes people impulsive, which means that if he had that "initial" thought, chances are he wanted to.

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