Question about getting drunk?!

Question: Question about getting drunk?
Ok so I moved to a new school and the cool kids invited me to go drink with them. Yes it all sounds good but were 16 they have been drinking since 12 or 13 and drink so much as opposed to me who had only drank a couple of times. So any tips on how not to get **** faced so fast and any extra advice


eat food! haha and pace yourself but, just putting it out there, being wasted is the best! haha some of my best nights have ended puking my guts up haha

You set your own level and stick to it. Eat a healthy protein before you go out. For every drink you have, drink one glass(8 0z.) of ice water. Just order what you want and add that you want it " with a water back". That way you get them together and won't draw extra attention to you trying not to make a fool of yourself. Bloody marys are a good choice because you also get some healthy vitamins. Also you might be able to sneak in ordering a"virgin" bloody mady(No vodka)). Also it's not good to mix different types of alcohol. For distilled alcohols (hard liquor) stick with the clear ones (vodka, gin,some rums and tequilas). Go with a strong attitude that YOU are responsible for how much you imbibe and don't be influenced by others jibes or contests. Remember that drinking too much alcohol can lead to alcohol poisoning and even death.

I lost a good friend because of alcohol poisoning.

Loss of a good friend to alcohol poisoning. Personal experience about drinking a glass of water with every drink. Alcohol causes dehydration and you feel much better when you provide more hydration. Studying nutrition about proteins taking longer to digest. Nuts are also good as long as they're unsalted.

well first off; dont go do something like this with people that are "popular" if you don't have anyone you trust with you. You should always have someone to look out for you, especially if most of the people you go with are not people you know very well.
second; you just need to know your limits. go slow, eat food, drink water. but the number one is space out your drinks. the faster you drink them, the more drunk you will be.

eat some food before, but be careful to not drink so much that you throw up.

BUT nobody gives a Flying F*** how fast you get drunk. And just cuz they drink doesn't mean there "cool."

Trust me when I say there are PLENTY of dooshwackers that drink, still doesn't make them cool.

I also understand that you are in high school, and you have a very crippled view on whats "cool"

Cool kids? Bunch of idiots thinking they special. Make your own mind up. You'll know you've had too much when you start vomiting, which is roughly after six or seven shots of hard liquor or a six pack of real ale, depending on how much you can stomach. Drink when you want though.

drink slow but dude you will love gettin wasted i did my first time was haha

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