marlboro reds are bad now?!

Question: Marlboro reds are bad now?
well im 12 dont say anything or i wont even look at it im sick of people saying dont smoke and stuff its annoying, its my choice, well i normally smoke marlboro reds and theyre ok a little harsh but thats because i havent been smoking long, today i smoked a marlboro red as always and it was really harsh on me and very discusting and i got a hugggeeee head high, my friend that was with me said he smokes newports, before this pack of marlboro reds i bought i was going to buy a pack of either marlboro menthols or newports my friend smoke newports so i wanna know why marlboro reds are doing this to me and which cigarettes are better (not health wise)


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well, your body isnt used to the chemicals in cigarettes, so you have to adjust. id say trty smoking newport 100's, or american spirits.

i would probably re write the question ommiting the fact that your 12 otherwise you will get people telling you what to do. Truthfully, the symptoms your describing probably aren't brand specific but a general reaction from your young body to a carcinogen. BTW don't you want to spend your money on other things other than smokes...

12... man you're still a baby. i mean i smoke and im not 18, but your still a baby! just don't get addicted, im not addicted ima social smoker, maybe a pack a month. if you dont care about your health think of the money, 5 bucks a day is a lot but ahh i smoke camel menthol silver, they're like so mentoly there almost minty! is cool haha

Don't try American spirits. Or Newports. Don't be a hipster. Be a man and buy some turkish silver. That's where it's at. Not gonna lie. If you're really into the Menthol then get some Marlboro smoooooths.

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