What is wrong with me?!

Question: What is wrong with me?
everytime i drink i have never thrown up or passed out. at this point i dont know if theres something acually wrong with me. one time i chugged a vitamin water filled with grey goose and another back to back without vommiting or passing out (true story) and antoher time a chugged straight tequila from the bottle without vommiting or passing out. i was wasted but never threw up. is there something wrong or did i get my dads tolerance for alcohol?


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Give it time...
When I first started drinking I would never puke or pass out and then one night - BAM! It will happen.. but I don't recommend shooting for it.

Vomiting and parsing out are side effects. The more you think you can drink the more probable there will be side effects. Eat food.

lol theres nothing wrong w/ you be happy you dont have all that junk

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