How much does vodka cost? o.o?!

Question: How much does vodka cost? o.o?
Just curious.


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depends on the vodka yo ucan get sheep **** where its like 13 for a 2 litter bottle or you can get top shelf and be talkin 70-80 a bottle

you can get cheep stuff for like 8 bucks, haha. me and my friends always say if your mixers cost more than your alcohol you know your in for a good night!

svedka vodka is a good cheap brand. it's smooth & at my grocery store its only 10 dollars for a 5th.

depending of where you are it can cost from 30 to 50 dollars grey goose is like 40

Depends on the brand, the size of the bottle, where you shop.

It cost me my job and my wife.

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