What are some mixed drink ideas?!

Question: What are some mixed drink ideas?
I am looking for some UNIQUE mixed drink ideas.
they can use any kind of hard liquor, and a couple of different kinds in one drink!

So I was wondering if anyone has some different (but still good tasting) ideas, that aren't just your everyday kind of mixed drink! Im not very familiar with different kinds of alcohol, so im not sure what blends well together. So i am willing to try anything, as long as it taste good!

Any help would be great!


I made a drink with two of my girlfriends it had:
Peach schnapps
Damson Vodka (or i guess sloe gin could be used)
Martini bianco (the clear uncoloured one)
and a drop of malibu (i think) in it

the most of the drink had to be cider and smaller quantities of the rest =3

also orange juice and malibu was really nice together.... =)
another one is vodka mixed with lemonade, apple & blackcurrant squash and a little water.
and WKD Blue mixed with raspberry vodka (omnomnom)


my friends and my imaginations ^-^

hmmmmm unique...... oh, i know!
you should try this amazing mixed drink i invented that i like to call "orange vodjuice" its a mix between vodka and orange juice. very unique if i do say so myself......

A recent favorite that I devised is vodka, topped with black cherry citrus fresca, and a splash of grand marnier

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