What constitutes one to be an alcoholic?!

Question: What constitutes one to be an alcoholic?
In the last 72 hours, I've slammed a case of Sam Adams and a 1.75 liter of Vodka. Mind you, it was Superbowl Sunday when I started to let the booze flow! I still feel pretty good today, and since I have tomorrow off, I'm gonna go home and RAGE!!!

Does this make me an alcoholic? I'm 33.


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What you bad is a major binge but if that is it and you don't do that every weekend then you are not an alcoholic.
Who really knows? It can be many things but one thing that seems true is their need for it. I mean they can't stop thyself once started or must have it to cope or just needs it for any reasons. I really think that a drink or two a day is great and if someone also then has 5 drinks on a Friday night that is fine. They are not dangerous to themselves or others. On another point if the person just can't stop, can't control what and how much they drink then that is a strong indication.

If you're asking what makes one an alcoholic, you are probably an alcoholic. Being an alcoholic depends on many things. Your intake, how often you drink, etc. If you need to have a drink to enjoy yourself when socializing, you're an alcoholic. If you have a beer or two (or 5 or 6) when you get home from work, you're probably an alcoholic. Considering you said you "slammed" a case of Sam Adams and a 1.75 liter of Vodka on Superbowl day... I can see you being an alcoholic.

Alcoholism is an addiction to alcohol, much like an addiction to smoking or drugs.

If you are not able to abstain from alcohol for any period of time, then you're an alcoholic. Occasional binges don't mean that you are addicted, just that you drink irresponsibility from time to time.

After your "rage", try to go a week without touching an alcoholic drink. If you can't do it, you're an alcoholic.

there are different definitions but i would define it as someone that has a problem with alcohol and cannot stop their drinking even when it is causing harm to their life...

some people claim it's when you drink to the point of being drunk more than once a month.

Its only been two days so id say no. An alcoholic is someone who gets drunk every day and actually needs to drink to go through their day or they face withdrawerls. Im a lot younger and an alcoholic and its not a 72 hour kind of thing. Your just enjoying your weekend

no not unless you find that you can't make it thru the day without having a drink or you find your'e shaking because you just can't live without a drink

i knew a few alcoholics

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