what are the top days of beer consumption?!

Question: What are the top days of beer consumption?
apparently the super bowl is the 8th, but what are the others?


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St. Patrick's Day has the highest beer consumption of any holiday. If you count Superbowl Sunday as a holiday then it would be the answer, however the close second is most definitely New Years Eve.

Speaking in the US only (other countries have different dates)

4th of July
Memorial Day
Labor Day
Super Bowl
St Patricks Day
Christmas Eve

1. Fourth of july
2Labor day
3 memorial day
4Fathers day
7 Easter

New Years Eve, St. Patrick's Day, and my favorite - Super Bowl Sunday! I strongly believe that most people drink during the Super Bowl for obvious reasons.

The night before thanksgiving.

st. Patricks day

every day lol my names colin and i am an alcoholic

Weekends is the 1st place

new years

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