why does so many people get high and drunk these days?!?!

Question: Why does so many people get high and drunk these days?!?

Because their lives are so bad they want to forget or hide from it. Which is the wrong answer!

A) Because it's fun
B) Because you can forget about all the things you'd rather not remember
C) It seems to be the thing to do, especially when you want to socialize and lose yourself for the night.
D) I love marijuana.
E) Drinking is fun! Drinking games, beer pong, jello shots, etc.
F) Sometimes I like to drink and smoke by myself. Just to escape reality or chill out. It's almost therapeutic

But some people over use and abuse alcohol and pot. Well, I don't think you can abuse pot, really, unless your on probation or something.

Yeah, those are just a couple of reasons why people are getting high and drunk these days. To have fun, relax, party, escape, and live for the moment.

Lifee experiences.

Because it's fun. And yes, I can have fun without being high or drunk. I only like to drink on occasion. I do like to smoke the green though. I would rather eat it though. That way I don't cause damage to my lungs. I don't smoke to get away from life though. I smoke to enhance some things. Because weed really does make things seem more awesome. It's just an effect that I like. Some don't. Don't bash the people who like to. I don't bash the people who stay sober.

To escape your poor grammar. Besides, I doubt very much you have any statistical evidence that the frequency of alcohol and drug consumption has increased.

they dont know how to have fun the non-toxic way.

Because life sucks.

they think it feels good

cause its fun lol

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