My friend gave me some 1800 tequila....?!

Question: My friend gave me some 1800 tequila....?
He poured some out in a water bottle on Saturday night and Ive kept it in the fridge ever since. Is it still good? Can I mix a shot or two with some coke? I wanna loosen up a bit before work. I'm so tense right now, but I'm not trying to get drunk!

Thanks yahoo (:


Brushing your teeth won't cover up the alcohol smell. It will just smell like minty alcohol. It was still good wasn't it? Aged tequila is usually better than fresh.

Incredible minds

Drinkable is a matter of perception.
1800 is a subpar tequila and putting it in a water bottle sounds douche. How are you
going to drive safely while impaired by alcohol? Sounds like bad news if you ask me

still good. however, not a good idea to go to work with liquor on your breath.

the above answer is correct it is good but do not drink before work ..

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