i only depend on alcohol to make me happy... :(?!

Question: I only depend on alcohol to make me happy... :(?
i really think i have a problem im only 15. ive been drinking every weekend and a few weekdays for the past year and a half. Ive tried to stop. But i cant. My gcse's are coming up and i know i need to study and im failing in my subjects because of this. It makes me angry, depressed and i rely on it to make me happy. Help? :(


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usually high schools have drug and alcohol counselors (and if not then they at least have general counselors) and s/he is probably your first step in making some healthy changes. if you're scared to go, bring a friend. you're in a really crappy situation, but it's great that you realize you need to make some changes. just remember you're in control of your own life, so you have to be strong, do it for yourself. best wishes.

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How do you get booze at 15? Drinking a few times a week isn't a huge deal (if you were an adult..) but once it starts to get in the way of your life it's time to cut back. Talk to family, friends or a psychologist, it's impossible to try and quit without support. Also, set goals for yourself, try and go a week without drinking, two weeks, a month, whatever you're comfortable with. It's easier than trying to stop "forever", that may be overwhelming at first.

Good luck!

That is called alcoholism.
It's bad. You should stop before you ruin yourself. There's still hope :)

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